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Aoyama (青山), also known as Aoyama-kun (青山 く ん, Aoyama-kun) is the protagonist of the series Clean Freak Keppeki Danshi. Aoyama-Kun.


Aoyama seems distant from all as a result of his germaphobia; avoids physical contact, usually at all costs. However, he has made exceptions to his rule and that in the last five minutes of a game, he is willing to get dirty at once, proclaims that he hates cheaters.

However, due to his appearance, personality and physical prowess, he is extremely popular at his school, even having his own fan club.

While Aoyama may seem cold, he possesses a good heart as he gave Kaoru Zaizen a thumbs up in their team's victory since Zaizen tried his best in it. He helped Jin Tsukamoto get over his fear of an old bully and proved the innocence of Shion Narita. Aoyama also had no problems in associating with Mio Odagiri, who he helped out. While he seemed like he didn't remember Moka Gotou from elementary school, he later reveals that he still recalled her name and her tendency to create stuffed cats.


In the most recent Chapter 106-107 of the manga, Mio confessed her affections to Aoyama but he rejected Mio as he instead has devoted himself to Moka Gotou instead, despite his germaphobia being a strain on the relationship. It is shown in the last chapter that Mio has moved onto a new relationship, but she still has a soft spot for Aoyama.

As of last chapter in the manga, Aoyama is engaged to Moka.


  • The surname Aoyama means "blue" (青) (ao) and "mountain" (山) (yama).


  • Aoyama's first name has not been said.
  • The only person Aoyama allows to physically touch him is Mio Odagiri.
  • The reason why Aoyama choose to join the Fujimi High School instead of others is because the White Uniform that they had.
    • Aoyama favorite color is white
  • While playing online games, Aoyama's characters are dirty which is in contrast to his neat-freak personality.
    • This likely hints that Aoyama really wants to be untethered by his cleanliness in reality, and that his germaphobia may be an unconscious bodily reaction. This could indicate an event that traumatized him at a young age, leading to his reflexes acting on their own.
  • Aoyama has never been seen smiling until the very end of Episode 12 to Zaizen.
  • The only person to beat Aoyama in soccer is Seigo Ibuki.
  • In Chapter 87, Gaku Ishikawa announced they are doing a festival. They have no clue to do, Hikaru Tada mentions Aoyama wore a Neko maid outfit. Kaoru Zaizen mentions a perfume of first initial name of Aoyama, but Aoyama showed up and holding samples of ' Takoyaki. ' When the festival going to start, Moka glances at Aoyama, in which he was having cold glance looking down, the festival starts. Meanwhile, they give food to customers, a mother-son got their Takoyaki (which Aoyama made) and there is a Flashback of Aoyama, young Aoyama smiles as he thought about.
    • In Chapter 89, there was flashback again. At the kitchen, kid Aoyama and his mother was busy with washing dishes and drying them. When his mother asked him to make her Takoyaki as a present every year on her birthday, Aoyama accepts. Aoyama's mother then got into an accident, making Aoyama ran fast as he could to the hospital for his mother. When he was in a patient room with her, she asked who he is. Aoyama showed a mini photo of them together to her, hoping she would recognize him. The doctor ushered Aoyama to his office to discuss the condition of his mother and revealed that she lost her memory. He was then showed sitting on a bench, his head lowered. A few moments later, Aoyama noticed it was his mother's birthday. As a promise, he gave her his yearly present, Takoyaki, and helped her eat it.