Aoyama-kun: High School Life[edit | edit source]

Aoyama-kun 16-17 year old boy who is an absolute germaphobe but still manages to play soccer on his high school soccer team.

Aoyama-kun has a lot of talents for 1 of his talents is his desire for him and everything around him to stay clean, another talent of Aoyama-kun is his intriguing way of playing soccer while staying clean

Interests[edit | edit source]

Aoyama-kun has 2 interests

  • Keeping His Surrounding's clean.
  • Playing Soccer.

Love Interest[edit | edit source]


.Moka Gotou has had a crush on Aoyama-kun since they were in Elementary School together

Moka Gotou (AKA girl who has been crushing on Aoyama-kun since they were kids)

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